Friday, February 10, 2023

Rehoming some phishes

Quick notice: I will be moving my phishing posts to a new location, In fact, if you go there you will find some of the old posts I had here and a few new ones; it is a work in progress!

Officially the reasons are

  • It is (hopefully) easier to find my phishing posts; they are all in their own domain.
  • People looking for phishing adventures will not have to wade through the other blog posts.
  • I can then ask for people to send me their phishing emails. This is very important since phishers do not seem to like me.

Now the main reason is because I am considering moving this very blog to another location and am trying not only hosting options out but also software. Testing things is nice, but "testing" as a production environment can show weanesses I was not aware of.

I will document and post later the (mis)adventures on setting that up in case it may be useful to others. For now on, if you want some phishing, go to