Saturday, August 1, 2020

Article Published at ISSA!

Our article "Converging Data Privacy and Security" was accepted for publication in the August issue of the ISSA Journal! The physical issue has not showed up in my mailbox yet, but I found it is availble (as a PDF) to members right now. This is a great wat to start the day; publishing something in a printed magazine has a different feel than giving a talk or workshop.

Fun fact: We submitted it before the June 8 deadline to be in the July issue, called Security vs Privacy Tug of War but there were too many reviews to be made and it did not make it in time. We will do better next time; like most things, there is a learning curve. Still, the deed is done and that is all that matters!

Per ISSA policy, "all articles become the property of the ISSA Journal for a period of 12 months, after which copyright reverts to the author." Until then, we cannot post it. If you are an ISSA member, you know how to get a copy.

I know this will sound cheesy but I do appreciate the patience the editor, Thom Barrie, had with us. Let's just say we were at times rather annoying.